Case Study:
Activating Kfar Saba Museum’s Digital Presence

Kfar Saba Museum needed an online platform that would do justice to its physical presence. Our challenge was to turn their conceptual designs into a lively, functional website that not only informs but also enables online interaction and transactions.

Project Overview

Objective: To create an engaging and informative website for Kfar Saba Museum, incorporating an online store for events and products.
Approach: Developing a WordPress site with WooCommerce functionality, based on the client’s designs.
Outcome: An interactive, user-friendly website that effectively showcases the museum’s offerings and facilitates online activities.

Challenges and Solutions

Design Realization: Translating intricate designs into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing website.
Event and Product Integration: Seamlessly integrating an online store to handle event registrations and product sales.
User Experience: Ensuring the site is intuitive and informative, reflecting the museum’s educational and cultural value.


Website Development: Crafting a WordPress website that accurately embodies the provided designs.
Online Store Setup: Incorporating WooCommerce to manage event registrations and merchandise sales effectively.
Content Organization: Strategically placing content to highlight museum events, exhibits, and educational resources.


Successful Design Translation: Achieving a live, vibrant website true to the original design concept.
Interactive Online Platform: Establishing an online presence that allows for event participation and product purchases.
Enhanced Visitor Engagement: Providing a digital space that attracts and educates visitors, extending the museum’s reach.