MTC-Dental’s Digital Debut – A Quick and Effective E-Commerce Launch

Faced with the need for an online presence, MTC-Dental required a speedy yet robust e-commerce platform. Our goal was to create a site that not only catered to their immediate needs but also paved the way for future expansion in both B2B and B2C markets.

Project Overview

Objective: To quickly develop an online selling platform for MTC-Dental, who had no prior website.
Approach: Implementing a WordPress and WooCommerce solution based on the client’s own design inputs.
Outcome: A functional, user-friendly e-commerce site enabling efficient management of online orders and expansion into new market segments.

Challenges and Solutions

Rapid Deployment: Establishing a fully operational e-commerce website in a short timeframe.
Custom Design Integration: Adapting the client’s marketing studio designs into a functional online store.
Market Expansion: Facilitating MTC-Dental’s transition from a B2B to a B2C business model.


E-Commerce Setup: Building a WooCommerce site on WordPress, ensuring ease of use and scalability.
Design Adaptation: Seamlessly integrating custom designs to maintain brand consistency.
Functionality Enhancement: Implementing features for effective order management and customer service.


Speedy Market Entry: Quick establishment of an online presence for immediate business impact.
Operational Efficiency: Smooth transition to online order management, serving both new and existing clients.
Market Expansion: Successfully branching into B2C sales, diversifying the client’s business model.