Reinventing – Comprehensive Website Overhaul and Voucher System Innovation

Tasked with rejuvenating’s outdated online presence, our challenge was to modernize the website while developing an efficient, integrated voucher system. This project demanded a blend of technical expertise, creative collaboration, and strategic foresight.

Project Overview

Objective: To transform the dated website into a responsive, modern platform and replace the old third-party voucher system with a custom WordPress plugin.
Approach: Collaborative design development with a studio, complete website rebuild, and custom plugin creation.
Outcome: A visually appealing, user-friendly website with a seamlessly integrated voucher system, enhancing both user experience and operational efficiency.

Challenges and Solutions

Modernizing the Website: Upgrading an old, non-responsive website to a contemporary, mobile-friendly design.
Voucher System Overhaul: Replacing an outdated, third-party voucher system with a more efficient, integrated WordPress plugin.
SEO Preservation: Ensuring that the website’s redevelopment did not negatively impact its established SEO values and URL structure.


Website Rebuild: Constructing the website from scratch based on designs provided by a collaborative studio.
Custom Plugin Development: Crafting a bespoke WordPress plugin to handle the voucher system, tailored to the client’s specific needs.
SEO and URL Management: Meticulous planning to maintain existing SEO rankings and URL structures during the transition.


Enhanced Website Functionality and Design: A modern, responsive website providing a significantly improved user experience.
Streamlined Voucher System: A custom, integrated voucher solution enhancing both customer convenience and backend management.
SEO and URL Integrity: Successful preservation of SEO standings and URL structure, ensuring continuity and online visibility.